Applications will be collated and reviewed in batches every 3 months.

First revision stage

Candidates' compliance with the minimum eligibility requirements are verified. Applicants not complying with the requirements are duly notified.

Applicants complying with the minimum requirements are at this point evaluated by all ICFO Group Leaders, in order to identify potential matches. Candidates that may be hosted by at least one ICFO research group advance in the selection process. They are informed about the ICFO research groups that stated interest in the application, so that candidates have freedom of choice among the available host groups.

Applications that cannot be hosted by any of the ICFO groups will be duly notified.

Second revision stage

Candidates who pass the first revision stage are asked to prepare a 2-page research proposal together with one of the ICFO Group Leaders. As indicated above, in case more than one Group Leader may host the proposed research project, the applicant is advised to select the group that best matches his/her research interests. The research proposal is to be prepared and submitted within 3 weeks time.

The complete documentation submitted in the two stages of the process will then be evaluated by the Selection Committee, comprised by the ICFO Director (Chairperson of the committee), ICFO Group Leaders, senior members of ICFO administration, as well as external international research experts in the field.

The Selection Committee will evaluate the scientific merit and experience of the candidates based on the documentation, including the submitted research proposal. The evaluation criteria are as follows:

  • Evaluation of previous scientific achievements
  • Scientific merit
  • Impact of the potential ICFOnest+ Fellowship on the candidate's future career

The complete evaluation process is expected to take less than 2 months, after which offers will be made to the successful candidates, and unsuccessful applicants will be duly notified.


Data Protection and Confidentiality note: All selection procedure and phases are managed under strict control of the corresponding applicable privacy rules. Following the “Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers”, the return after a career break is not to be penalized. Finally, ICFO declares that the recommendations in the “European Charter for Researchers” and “The Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers” will be followed as far as possible during the application procedure and the whole period of the Program.