ICFOnest+ Post-doctoral Fellows are entitled to use all the services and facilities available for ICFO researchers, when applicable, such as the Nanophotonics Fabrication Lab (NPL), Super-resolution Light Microscopy & Nanoscopy (SLN) Lab and Advanced Engineering Lab (AEL).

ICFOnest+ Post-doctoral Fellows at ICFO are being coached to make sure that they fully benefit from their stay at ICFO and that their Fellowship helps them in the development of their career. The plan indicates the training needs (including career development skills) and scientific objectives of the Fellow, as well as the foreseen measures needed to meet these objectives.

As an integral part of the program, ICFOnest Post-doctoral Fellows are strongly encouraged to participate in dedicated training activities, aiming at broadening and deepening the diverse career development, including beyond pure and applied research. Apart from the 'training-through-research' approach, ICFO offers a variety of training opportunities at all levels, such as ICFO+ Program activities, a language program, colloquia and seminars, outreach activities, social and team-building activities, to mention a few.

The ICFOnest Postdoctoral Fellows receive administrative assistance from the date of their acceptance of the ICFOnest Postdoctoral Fellowship and during their whole stay at ICFO, particularly on legal matters, health insurance, relocation and regulations and effective preventive measures at their workplace.